About Us - the History Maven Tracker

In early 2019 CargoSense introduced the first Maven Tracker product called mavenPT (for Pet Tracker). This was a square disposable sensor and smart phone app we created as a result of a major study done with an airline to monitor the temperature and location of pets being shipped as air cargo. At that time there were over 500,000 animals being shipped in cargo annually in the US alone.

We announced this new disposable sensor at the mega-Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It became available some months later. This is a video we did of that roll-out:

Later in 2021 we will take a look again at the shipment of pets when a new LTE version of the original disposable sensor becomes available.


MavenPRO Monitoring - A Solution for Small Businesses


At the beginning of 2020 we developed the mavenPRO Monitoring subscription service. Were placed and adapted a new generation of gateways and sensors for latest LTE network technology. This made for a more stable and more useable product. We are now launching the new version to address the monitoring needs of veterinarian clinics, labs, pet hospitals, RV dog show travelers and handlers, professional dog breeders, police K-9 units, horse stables and transporters. As time goes on, we will continue to adapt the mavenPRO Monitoring line to more types of businesses that need this type of critical and unique security monitoring.

The pandemic shut down all air travel and animals shipments, so we shelved the product line for shipment monitoring. That was not before we had learned through our marketing efforts that the real market for animal shipments was professional dog breeders who also entered their dogs in major dog show events. We also learned that most of the breeding was done with the help of veterinarians. This led us to develop the mavenPRO Monitoring product line.

We continued to do social media marketing during the pandemic including promoting the music video we shot which featured a catchy pop song written for us by our Brand Ambassador. That video can be seen here: