Updating the Maven Tracker Product Line & Web Site

It is my pleasure to announce the return of the Maven Tracker product line as it and our society slowly emerges from lockdown! CargoSense introduced the MavenPT (for Pet Tracker) product at the huge Computer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019. That initial product was a disposable sensor designed and approved to accompany an animal being shipped, usually in airline cargo.

We discovered in our working with airlines that the largest shippers of animals in cargo were

professional breeders of purebred dogs who were sending puppies to new owners. So, we started marketing to this group and learned a great deal - that the need and potential markets were much larger than we first imagined.

There were many groups that needed to do more than just track shipped animals. The greater need was to monitor environmental conditions for animals traveling in vehicles, RV’s, K-9 police cars, and horse trailers, as well as animals held in kennels. Even zoos had this need in their exhibits. More critically we learned that the veterinarian community that supported animal health and reproduction had special needs as well to protect their stores of vaccines, medications, lab and biological samples.

The product we developed, MavenPRO Monitoring to address this need never quite made it to market before the world went into lockdown. Our business at CargoSense actually exploded during the pandemic. We monitor cargo using IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud technologies and everyone suddenly realized their supply chains were fragile and everyone needed more visibility.

With this market surge for us, we upgraded our original technology offerings to the latest state-of-the-art versions that our customers appreciated.

We took our gateway-and-tag and Cloud platform technology that is used on an industrial basis by some of our biggest customers to monitor their warehouses filled with pharmaceutical shipments and other sensitive material, and came up with this small business version. We even were able to lower the price of the rejuvenated MavenPRO Monitoring subscription security service in the


This latest version of MavenPRO Monitoring and this Maven Tracker product line web site is now being updated to represent all these changes and our re-engagement with our markets and customers.

Will we do shipping tracking again in the future for pets? Yes, we will be looking at that later this year when a new type of disposable sensor becomes available that is useable in more countries. The current MavenPRO Monitoring solution will begin selling in early August and you will be able to place orders on our site at that time.