Monitoring for Veterinarian Clinics, Labs, Hospitals
& Teaching Colleges

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Protect your medications and kennel areas in your facilities and refrigerated or freezer units

You have a considerable investment in your vaccines and medications and probably have stories of refrigerator doors being left open or ajar or power outages that cost you dearly.  You may also be storing semen or other biologicals if that is part of your business. Temperature or humidity issues in your kennel areas can also be troublesome, signaling HVAC or power issues. Think of our innovative tag-and-gateway hardware system and Cloud service as you would a home security system. You lease it monthly just like a home security system, but it gives you unique environmental data and notifications to alert you to issues or problems.This same system is used by our major corporate customers - airlines, pharmaceutical and shipping firms - to monitor their cold-chain warehouses.  mavenPRO Monitoring is our small-business solution to protect your animals and businesses.


Get real-time data and alerts when it matters most

Measurements flow from your sensors to the mavenPRO service in real-time.  Access your data anytime, from anywhere, through our cloud-based service using any web browser.


Other products rely on Wi-Fi availability or connect to your phone to upload data - severely limiting their utility when you’re away from your facility, or if the power or internet goes down.

The most critical times to receive temperature alerts maycoincide with the loss of power. You can rely on mavenPRO to alert you or a member of your staff for an immediate resolution.

Our gateways have an internal battery and stay operational for days without power, and our sensor tags will continue collecting data if they lose the connection with a gateway and transit all measurements once they reconnect.  When the gateway switches to battery mode, it will also notify you of a potential power outage.


Tool-free hardware installation that can expand with your business 

Our innovative tag-and-gateway hardware system is completely wireless.  The sensor tags (-20C to 60C) and our probe tags (as low as -300C) measure conditions in real-time using Bluetooth technology to transmit their measurements to the gateway. The gateway reports to the mavenPRO service over its dedicated LTE cellular network to our Cloud service, where you can view current information.


The gateway comes with powerful magnets to adhere to a refrigerator, cage or other metal surfaces and is powered by a USB cable and plug. No network configuration required; installation is simple.


Affix self-adhesive sensor tags practically anywhere in your office, kennel, lab, and refrigerated or freezer units.  Then place the gateway within range of the sensors (50 meters /150 feet), and press the button and it bring it  to bring it online.  Done!

This unique system means mavenPRO Monitoring can easily scale with your business and there is no limit to the number of zones monitored simultaneously.

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Automatic, zero-configuration sensor replacement

Our battery-operated sensor tags will run out of power and need to be replaced after  approximately six months of operation (our very low temperature probe tags will last a year).


No need to worry about ordering replacements, or configuring them once installed.  Your subscription to mavenPRO Monitoring includes replacement sensors which will be sent to you automatically!

We monitor the uptime and battery level of all sensors deployed across the mavenPRO system, and we will ship you a new pre-configured sensor tag labeled with its zone when it’s time for a replacement.

Once you activate the new sensor tag, our system will immediately move the data stream for that zone to the new sensor tag - all you have to do is remove the old sensor tag and affix the new sensor tag in the same location.